There is a lot of the convenience in buying bags and bags of greens that have already been prewashed, presliced, and preprocessed – essentially ready to eat right out of the bag – which is why so many grocery stores and markets carry this modern convenience.

At the same time, a lot of people probably wouldn’t elect to purchase bags of greens any longer if they knew that there were a tremendous amount of potentially deadly diseases hiding out inside those bags of dreams and that the environmental toll that the production of these modern conveniences takes on the planet is so significant.

To provide you with a little bit of extra insight into why you want to avoid bags of greens from here on out we have put together all of the inside information in this guide.

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Let’s dig right in!

Hundreds of people all over the world have already died because of listeria from bags of green leafy vegetables

Each and every single year, more than 1800 people in the United Kingdom alone report getting contaminated with this disease from the leafy green vegetables and about 260 a year end up passing away simply because they purchased their salad from a bag rather than from a produce stand.

This is not an inconsequential amount of people.

These diseases are capable of thriving in these bags of green leafy vegetables because they may not be washed quite as well as we are led to believe they are, and because those still wet vegetables are put into heat sealed bags where bacteria can foster and grow exponentially.

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These are ticking time bombs that will attack your body the first chance they get.

It is impossible to know how well the processing equipment has been cleaned

But even if green leafy vegetable processors go through great pains to triple washed their vegetables before they are placed in bags the majority of them aren’t cleaning their processing equipment quite as often as they should be.

This allows contamination to spread from one bad batch of leafy vegetables to another rather effortlessly, and before you know it entire runs of these vegetables are completely contaminated – with no one the wiser until it’s too late.

For these reasons you’ll want to be sure that you aren’t eating leafy greens out of a bag but that you are instead purchasing them as close to their natural state as possible. It involves a little bit more work, but it’s a lot safer.

Stop buying bagged greens right now!